How it's done:

We look at snow and ice control with a
risk management approach.

Safety first.

Your challenges:

- Eliminate chances for slip and falls

- Control costs

- Manage multiple sites/contractors

- Protect the environment

Our preseason process:

Contracts prepared in summer to ensure melting materials and subcontractors are secured

Site walk-through to identify:

- Potential hazards (i.e, curbing, manhole covers)

- Prioritized areas

- Snow placement

- Equipment storage

- Drainage issues that could create refreeze hazards

Design and review site map

- Plowing and salting areas marked

- Salted surfaces measured for proper salt applications

- Snow movement designed

- Sidewalk and pedestrian traffic areas highlighted


- Snow training is completed

- Properties are marked

- Equipment is prepped and staged

- Salters are calibrated

- Routes are created and assigned

- Crews are tracked online via GPS